The following packages are installed for general use. You are also encouraged to download and run other appropriate science software from your HOME directory. Click here for OS, library, and compiler information.


Research CPU cluster (Phoenix)


Research GPU cluster (Starling)

Coming soon!

Classroom/Instructional cluster (Sunbird)


There are also several visualization software packages installed on the clusters

  • Molden
  • Molekel
  • PyMOL
  • GaussView is available for your Mac or Windows computer

    OS, Library, and compiler information

    The phoenix cluster is running CentOS 7 with the following libraries and compilers available:

    • GNU C Library (glibc) 2.17
    • GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) 4.8.5
    • Intel Parallel Studio XE (compilers and MKL)
      • available in /opt/intel
      • set up environment with `intel-comp`
    • Portland Group Compilers 16.9
      • available in /opt/pgi
      • set up environment with `pgi-comp`