• A new classroom and instructional cluster, owl, will be available Fall/Winter 2021!

What is the Chemistry HPC Center?

The HPC Center is a supercomputer facility maintained by the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry. High-performance computing resources are available for research and classroom or instructional needs.

Who can use the center’s resources?

The research clusters, kestrel, phoenix and starling, are available to any member of the department wishing to perform calculations as part of their research or to those actively collaborating with a UW-Madison Chemistry research group. Use of these resources incurs a fee payable by a Chemistry PI.

The instructional cluster, sunbird, is used in the classroom, teaching labs, and for other class-related work. If you are enrolled in a lab or class that utilizes this cluster you will receive a username and password as part of your class materials.

Requesting an account

Please send an email including your name, email address, and your reason for requesting access to